DHD – Digital Scrapbook Day Blog Hop!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day! (a few days early)

Are you ready to have some fun? To celebrate DSD, the DHD designers have created an awesome kit, that you can download for FREE!!

Here is a little peak at the kit:

Daydream Believer Kit

Awesome, right? To get this kit for free, all you have to do is go to each stop on the blog hop and collect the letters. Be sure to go to the first stop to get all of the details.

Before I give you my letter, I have a quick journaling tip for you, as well as an opportunity to win some awesome prizes from me!

Journaling. Ugh, I am not good at journaling. It is always the last thing that I add to my layouts and the part I get stuck on. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say about my memories—in fact I have plenty to say, I am just not ver eloquent in my writing and I often times have a bad case of journaling envy. I have a hard time letting my personality and feelings show through my writing.

To cure this journaling slump, I sometimes use the words of others in the form of quotes, poems, and song lyrics which resonate with me and with the memory I am scrapbooking. I love, love, love using song lyrics on my pages.

Here is a layout that I created several years ago and that uses song lyrics to express what I was feeling. When I created this layout, I was in a pretty intense and competitive design program with just a few years left before graduating. The lyrics to the song, ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus, really resonated with me and made for the perfect journaling on this layout.

Using lyrics and poetry, has really made journaling less painful for me. SO, if you get in a rut, and just don’t know what to write on your layout…I bet there is a song lyric, or a quote, or poem that would work as journaling. Try it some time, it is fun!

Now, onto the good stuff! Prizes! I have some fun prizes to give out!

First, I have two medium sized DHD hoodies (US residents only):

And second, I have three 6 month spots on my creative team! Yes you heard me correctly, three spots on my creative team! That means, in exchange for awesome layouts, six months of free products, plus all of the products that I have already released!

There are TWO different ways to win these prizes:

  1. Like my facebook page
  2. Sign up for my newsletter

After you have done these, come back to this post and let me know in the comments section! (Please put each entry in a separate comment) If you already get my newsletter, and like my facebook page, let me know in the comments section of this post. Entries will be accepted from now until 8 PM MST on November 7th.

Good luck! :)

Don’t forget to grab your letter, you will need it to get the Daydream Believer kit free:


Now, onto the next stop: the wonderful Jennifer!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to join in on all of the DSD fun at Design House Digital!



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    A great idea when you are at a loss for words! Thanks for being part of the hop.

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    Thanks, Erica! I’m going to sign up for your newsletter right now!

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    Trista says:

    Awesome!! The collab is gorgeous!
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    Trista says:

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    Awesome collab kit!

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    Tammy Davis says:

    Beautiful layout, Erica! Thanks for your contributions to this beautiful kit!

  7. 9

    Beautiful layout and gifts. Thanks for your part of the collab kit.

  8. 10

    Wow, what an awesome prize you are giving away. I would love so very much to be a winner for your creative team. Thanks, Erica;)

  9. 11

    Wow! How awesome! I already an a facebook fan, and I am already subscribed to your newsletter. What an honor it would be to be on your team!

    And I am soooooooo lovin’ the DHD hoodie, too!

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and for the chance to win some super-amazing stuff!

    Happy DSD to you!

  10. 12
    Holly says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. 13

    Thank you for the journaling tip! I am excited to see your lovely contribution to the kit!

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    That hoodie looks awesome, thanks for the journalling suggestions! I’m a facebook fan and subscribed to your newsletter!

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    I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter. I am also a big fan of using songs lyrics and poems for journaling. Glad to see I’m not alone. (=

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    Ashley DeBruin says:

    I liked you on Facebook

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    Ashley DeBruin says:

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    And I liked you on FB!

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    Laurie says:

    I love using lyrics on pages. I also signed up for your newsletter and liked you on FB

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    WOW! Would love spot on your team!!!!! Just liked you on FB!

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    Just subscribed to you newsletter! Lovin all the pink!

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    christineb says:

    signed up for the newsletter

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    loved you on facebook

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    signed up for newsletter! woo hoo!

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    I had already liked your facebook page back from your chat a few months ago.
    thanks for the tip

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    Sarah R. says:

    What awesomeness!! I liked your FB page and signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Ronna says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

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    Ronna says:

    I am now signed up for your newsletter too! Thanks!

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    Stacy says:

    Hi there and thanks for a chance to win.
    I was already signed up for both the newsletter and your FB page.
    Do I still need to post once for newsletter and once for FB???
    Just wondering.
    Thanks again. The kit looks wonderful.

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    Leslie Kiley says:

    I am signing up for your newsletter! Thanks for being part of this Blog Hop! Love the Kit!

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    Leslie Kiley says:

    I started following you on Facebook!

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    Amazing digi creation! So lovely!!!

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    Sherry P says:

    Thanks for the great Journaling tip. I have a hard time composing too. Thanks too for the letter t.

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    melissa rhodes says:

    I like on Facebook!

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    melissa rhodes says:

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    Michelle Huegel says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter!

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    Tammy Poland says:

    Thank you so much for the tip, I always take so long to journal as I have a hard time saying anything. Happy DSD and thank you for the letter.

  40. 42
    maccadee says:

    Your layout is beautiful and I think your writing above it is very eloquent but I can understand your difficulty. Thank you for the journalling tip and for taking part in this bloghop.

  41. 43
    Heather R... mousemomma says:

    Great idea. Thanks!

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    Barbara Albrecht says:

    Love your layout!

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    grace says:

    Like you on FB .. thank you! :-)

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    grace says:

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    Ephémère13 says:

    Thank you!

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    I love that. There are so many lyrics that I could use, but I never really think about it. Thanks! And thanks for the letter.

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    Ravelle says:

    Liked your facebook page and signed up for newsletter. Don’t know why I didn’t do it before. I am on two other teams but would be honored to be on your team!

    Also, love the Hoodie and could use it here in cold Illinois.

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    Paula B says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your part of the beautiful collab kit AND the awesome journaling tip…. it was a “why didn’t I think of that” while slapping my forehead with the palm of my hand kind of moment, lol :) …. also the layout you shared showing your example of the journaling, is just GORGEOUS!!!! (I know I’m a lot older than you already, but when I grow up, can I be you?)

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    willimena says:

    Love your layout. Very pretty.

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    I like you on Facebook! (I like your designs too!!)

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    I also signed up for your newsletter :)

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    DoggiNo says:

    Thanks for the letter !

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    I have your blog on my bookmark list – don’t know why I didn’t signed for newsletter,
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    And I admire your work!

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    Thank you for your part of the kit. And your LO is beautiful!

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    beatrice says:

    and I’m signed up for your newsletter.
    Love your layout- great blending.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

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    Thanks for the journaling tip – always a struggle for me also.
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    Karen F says:

    Love the layout and the journalling ideas. Thanks so much.

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    chalane says:

    THANKS very much for the great journaling tip & for your part in this lovely kit.

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    chalane says:

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter & I LIKE your facebook page. THANKs!!!

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    Janneke says:

    great tip Erica about the journaling! I need to try this next time. I LOVE that layout, btw!

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    milly says:

    My browser doesn’t show your letter. I’ve collected all the rest … can someone give me a clue?

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    Melanie C says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

    • 72

      Love the vuaisl signs the vuaisl clues the reminders to be big and open and vulnerable to not stay closed and safe and small .it makes such a difference!

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    thank you so much for the fabulous DSD collab contribution!

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    hey erica! your website is fab, you rock!
    -your old CT buddy from jessica sprague. :)

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    ScrappyMama says:

    My problem with journaling is that I usually have a lot to say about the pic, etc! Thanks for your suggestion though, it may be something that I can use on those rare occasions when I DON’T have a big story to tell!!

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