iPhone Photography

One of my favorite pieces of equipment is my Nikon d90 and the various lenses that I have for it. I used to lug it around with me everywhere I went, constantly taking pictures. When I got my iPhone that all changed.

I still love my Nikon, by I no longer feel the need to take it with me on a daily basis. For my everyday, on the go photos I now rely on my iPhone. It is just so easy and convenient, and it takes great pictures. But what I really like about using my iPhone for my day to day photos is that I can edit them right on my iPhone. There are some pretty awesome photo editing apps out there, that really enhance the photo taking experience.

A month or so ago I read this blog post by Rhonna Farrer, which totally blew my iPhone photo taking mind! Go right now and read her blog post…seriously, go read it. I promise that you won’t regret it!

Here are some of my recent iPhone photos that I have used a combinations of apps I learned about from Rhonna and some that I have been using for a while.